Fertility and CropMax Technology

At FREMAR Agronomy our philosophy in fertilizer is to match proper nutrients with crop requirements, provide accurate fertilizer application, and minimize crop nutrient losses.  


CropMax Technology - CMT

We offer CropMax Technology which is our variable rate nutrient program. There are two methods in which you can participate in this program. The first and more accurate of these two processes is the state of the art zone management system for the site specific application of agricultural inputs. The second option is grid samples; this method is mostly utilized on manured fields. After a personal consultation, one or both of these programs can be utilized in your farm program. 

For your general crop nutrient needs, our consultants will assist in making proper nutrient recommendations based upon your cropping system and overall yield goals. Contact our Agronomy Consultants for your specific nutrient needs.


Mosaic Crop Nutrition

Iowa State University Extension field crop nutrient deficiencies