Farm Plans

By Tye Kost, Agronomist, Scotland


With the cost of higher inputs being a huge factor in this coming year, now would be a good time as ever to get with your local agronomist to finalize any farm plans with fertilizer, chemical, and seed. Along with the fertilizer prices, products on the chemical side are showing an increase in price as well so make sure that your chemical plans are set if you have not done so already.

The chemical portion of your acres is becoming the most important one. A strong pre-emergence program followed by a timely post emergence application is usually the best way to go about keeping your acres clean. There are numerous options to best fit your corn and soybean trait needs. Any of the Liberty, Xtend, XtendFlex, Enlist or Roundup Ready traits can be handled within Central Farmers Coop, and we can meet any needs you may be looking for.

Making sure these farm plans are structured and organized can help with the ease of spring spreading/spraying throughout the season. There is still time to get your fertilizer, chemical, and seed needs taken care of at one of our Agronomy Locations. If you have any questions, please give your local agronomist a call. Thank you to all our customers; we appreciate your business!