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The Canova elevator is currently full and will not be recieving oats until further notice. Please call with any questions.




Due to market conditions and the lack of clean grain available, FREMAR LLC will not unload grain that is greater than 20% damage until further notice. We are working on ways to accommodate our customers to the best our abilities. Please check the grain in your bins before hauling to town, and bring in a sample to be tested if questionable. Call us at the office if you have any questions or concerns.  






Eligible farmers can enroll today for a chance to help a local nonprofit organization in your hometown with an America's Farmers Grow Communities donation. Click here for more information.


Per FDA regulations, grain that has been submerged in flood waters

will not be accepted by a FREMAR or CFC location.



     Safety and Grain Quality

Working in or around a grain bin exposes farmers and workers to serious and life-threatening hazards including entrapment and suffocation from engulfment.  The video above is funded by the National Grain and Feed Foundation and illustrates the connection between grain quality and safety.  Please be safe!!! 





Central Farmers has a mobile app that provides real time business information at your hands. By partnering with BUSHEL, we are able to empower you, our producers, to make informed and quicker business decisions with CFC. Click here for more information.


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